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since i am apart of this....

....i figured id post. i like this. u guys are what they like to call the shit. my sholder hurts... wanna rub it? ha dr chuds playing tomorrow night! at the grange i expect everyone knows who he is. a figgin punk rock legened. he played in the misfits by the way. and then my dying wish the next night... yeaaaaa im going to that and i trust all of u are. it will be good. havent seen a show with steve but have heard demos and are very good. futurama is on. which will be followed by family guy. i really like the show fear factor. i like watching people eat gross things and me sit there saying I COULD DO THAT U PUSSY when i and everyone else knows id be the 1st to give up. alright guys thats all and thanks for reading my entry i encourage everyone to do that same every once in a while, its fun.
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Steve is awesome, youll like it...but im still loving Josh lol all good, i do like Steve. i cant make the show tonight :( but damn right ill be there tomorrow! b/c its also AFWR bitches!!!!!!!!!