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Name: Wes
Age: 16
Gender: male
Location: smithsburg maryland

1. Between The Buried and Me - More of Myself To Kill
2. Daughters - Flattery Is A Bunch Of Fucking
3. Haste The Day - Substance
4. It Dies Today - The Requiem For Broken Hearts
5. Still Remains - I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands
6. Between The Buried and Me - Mordecai
7. Norma Jean - Face Face
8. The Chariot - And Then... Came Then
9. My Winter Nerve - A song to sink to
10. My Winter Nerve - An Absolute
11. Thrice - Kill Me Quickly
12. Thursday - For The Work Force Drowning
13. Converge - My Great Devastator
14. Norma Jean - In Refrence To A Sinking Ship
15. Darkest Hour - Mark Of Judas
16. From First To Last - Failure By Desinger Jeans
17. MeWithoutyou - Silencer
18. Norma Jean - I use to hate cell phones but now I hate car Accidents
19. Fear Before The March Of Flames - Fashion Tips Baby
20. Beloved - Going Through The Motions

Favorite Genres: Hardcore, Metal Core, Post Hardcore, Screamo
Top Five Artists: Nomra Jean, The Chariot, From First To Last, Between The Buried And Me, It Dies Today
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