Please turn that fuckin' radio off.

Ain't nothin' on the air waving the dispair we feel.

Playlists kill.
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This is playlists_kill, the place where your play list means life or death. I mean, what's more to life than music?

Here's how to apply:
1.Fill out the form below this, copy, paste, and post.
2.The songs on the playlist must be from at least ten different artists.
3.This community is basically for alternative music i.e. emo, screamo, ska, punk, pop-punk, metal, hardcore, post-hardcore, indie, and rock, alt-country, etc... but mix it up with something else if you like.
4.Atleast ten people must vote whether or not they like your playlist and I'll go by the majority after ten. If you get the majority then you're in. If it goes a while and I don't stamp you, you can email me.
5.Write "Please Kill Me" in the subject line so we know it's an application.
6.I won't accept, "I can't choose just five" for the top five bands question. Just randomly pick, fuck.
7.You can post your application before joining, it's set so that non-members can post. Once you get accepted you'll apear on the member list.

There are some RULES, punks...
1.Once you're in you can post new playlists and get people to tell you what they think, mixtape ideas, stories about shows, anything to do with music!
2.Please for the love of god... BE ACTIVE!
3.No nudity, I'm pretty sure that brings trouble.
4.Make this community a sucessful one, PROMOTE! I mean afterall, I went throught the trouble of making it.
5.When voting put a simple "Yes" or "No" in the subject line.
6.Last but not least, HAVE FUN!


Don't fuck up, or you're out.
...and I'll put you in a full nelson.

Right now I don't have any stamps or backgrounds made. Come Thursday things should be a bit prettier, or uglier.